name : Arie Smit
birthday : Apr. 15st. 1916
birth place : Zaandam, Holland
awards :
Those who can imagine things in reality and draw them accurately are illustrators.
Those who see the hidden forms and see the color as shapes are painters.

exhibition data:
1954 June, his first solo exhibition, held at Panti Budaya, Bandung.
February, a solo exhibition at Kolff Building, Jakarta.
June, solo exhibition in Plaju, Palembang, sponsored by Bataafsche Petroleum Maatschappij ( BPM ).
December, an exhibition of his 25 small watercolor paintings with the theme of "The Development of Kebayoran", in his own house in Bandung.
1955 June, a solo exhibition in Balikpapan, sponsored by BPM
July, left for Bali and settled down on the island.
1962 February, a solo exhibition at the Italian Embassy, Jakarta.
1963 May, a joint exhibition with Italian painter, Renato Christiano
May, a joint exhibition with the Young Artists, the group of painters he had trained, at the Italian Embassy, Jakarta, sponsored by the Italian ambassador, H. E. Baron Filippo Muzi Falconi.
August, a joint exhibition with Han Snel, a Dutch painter, in the Gallery Pik Gan, Surabaya.
1967 February, a joint exhibition with Han Snel in Banowati Art Shop, Jalan Semarang, Jakarta.

In subsequent years, Arie Smit spent most of his time hiding in many corners of Bali. A few of his works appeared in various joint exhibitions from time of time.
1981 For one and a half months Arie trained Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian refugees to paint in pulau Galang-requested by UNHCR.
1988 Exhibition at the East | West Center in Honolulu, Hawai (Amerika )
1990 May, a solo exhibition at the Center for Strategic and International Studies ( CSIS ) Jakarta.
1991 June, a joint exhibition with Paul Nagano from the United States at Museum Neka, Ubud, Bali.
1992 August 14, Arie received a Global Medal "Dharma kusuma" Award from the Balinese provincial government for his contribution to the development of Balinese art of painting.
1993 May, a solo exhibiton at santi fine Arts Galery, Jakarta.
1999 A solo painting exhibition at Artfolio Gallery, Singapore

comment from BIDADARI :

Arie Smit ( Adianus Wilhelmus Smit ) was born in Zaandam, Holland,in 1916 April 15.
He first studied painting at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. In 1938 he came to Batavia ( Jakarta ) as a soldier and worked in the topography division. He obtained his Indonesia citizenship in 1951. In 1956 he visited in Bali for the first time, and he lived in Bali ever since. He founded the young artists in Panestanan, Ubud, Bali, in 1960s. Until his 80th birthday, which was in 1996, he had moved more than 30 times from one place in Bali to another. "( I am always after tranquility and clarity in life... I never like crowded places," he once said. This personal preference turned out to be far from his own works, most of which are rich with colors brilliance and light. The themes of his works follows the road. The Balinese would call it "dari kaja ke kelod" ('from the mountain to the sea'). For his contribution to the development of art in Bali, Arie Smit received the Dharma Kusuma Award from the Balinese provincial government in 1992.
art works :
"Flora Tropica"