name : Pande Ketut Taman
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exhibition data:
1989 Group Exhibition "Harkitnas"at Art Center Bali.
1990 Group Exhibition"Visit Indonesia Year" at Neka Musium Bali.
1991 Group Exhibition in Singaraja.
1993 Art Xperimental "Hitam-Putih"at Aksi Seni Solo.
1994 "Yogjyakarta Young Painter" at Purnabudaya Yogyakarta.
1995 "Legenda 92" at Purnabudaya in Yogyakarta
1996 "FKY" at Benteng Vredeburg Musium in Yogyakarta.
1997 "Indonesia Art Award 97 Philip Moris Co., National Gallery in Jakarta and ARMA Museum Bali.
Solo Exhibition "Tugas Akhir" at FSR ISI Yogyakarta.
1998 "Indonesia Art Award 98 Philip Moris Co., National Gallery in Jakarta.
1999 Solo Exhibition at Millenium Gallery in Jakarta.
"Indonesia Art Award 99 Philip Moris Co., National Gallery in Jakarta.
2000 Solo Exhibition "Survival"at Sika contemporary art gallery in Bali .
Solo Exhibition "Luh luih"at Art Folio in Singapore.
2001 Solo Exhibition "Bunga di Taman Hati" in Inggil Gallery in Jakarta.
"Not I am I ?" at Nadi Gallery In Jakarta.
"Dermensch Ais Mass" at Musium der Kulturen in Basel Switzerland.
2002 "Inter cosmo Imagination" at Langgeng Gallery in Jakarta.
"Pastel" at gallery 9 in Yogyakarta.
"Dimensi Raden Saleh" at Semarang Gallery .
2003 Solo Exhibition at Choinard Gallery in Hongkong.
"In Between Perupa dalam Rotasi media"at Andi's Gallery
"Bali-Basel" at Sika Contemporary Art Gallery in Bali.
"Sorak-Sorai Identitas"in Langgeng Gallery in Magelang.
2005 Group Exhibition Bali Biennale in Bali

comment from BIDADARI :

Restlessness and constant inquiries about Balinese arts have been the major force behind Pande Ketut Taman's creative journey. He is very curious about how have the Balinese artists and maestros like Lempad, Cokot, Deblog or earlier masters been able to build temples and create masterpieces that we now see and inherit.

His restlessness is not only physical but also psychological, which is ever more intense, especially during moments of materializing his works.

The restlessness builds up all kinds of questions in his head. "What mind sets have those Balinese had to enable them to create such famous works? What creative processes have they walked through? How come they able to accomplish such feat? Why do today's generations very rarely or hardly able to match their accomplishments?

Nature's phenomena have been very influential in stirring Taman's restlessness. Indeed, much of people's creative processes stem out from nature-by watching every little detail of daily occurrences that we see but often neglect, such as that of the fallen leaves or the scattered about wastes.

It is from all of these Taman learns about life, and discovers his creative expression along the way.
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