name : Eng Tay
birthday : 1947
birth place : Kedah, West Malaysia
awards :
In my artwork I attempt to use memory as a source of continuity between the past and the present. The qualities of sunlight, colour, wind, scent and sound that I experience today may evoke moments of joy from my recent or distant past and it is that continuum of simple joy that I seek to represent and share through my work. As time goes on, I find myself less interested in elaborated and complex constructions and more closely drawn to self-expression, which translates into simplicity of form and concept. I aim to produce poetry of the harmony of simple experiences we share with other human beings each day. As I explore this direction I would like my work to become more universal and to be able to touch and reach as many others as possible; and I wish that the boundaries between us become fewer and fewer.

exhibition data (selected solo exhibitions) :
1985 Nan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.
1986 Fine Arts Original Gallery, Miami, Fl.
1987 Hsiung Shih Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan. / Museum of Modern Art, Taipei, Taiwan.
JRS Fine Prints, Providence, RI.
1988 Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong.
1989 Howard Scott Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL. / Howard Salon, Taipei, Taiwan.
1990 JRS Fine Prints, Providence, RI / Galeria Citra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. / Portfolio Graphics, Montclair, NJ
Gallery '90, London, England. / Renjeau Galleries, Boston, Mass. / Daruma Galleries, Cedarhurst, NY.
Renaissance Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pa. / Howard Scott Gallery, Miami, FL.
Solomon Fine Art, Scottsdale, Arizona.
1991 Parkshore Gallery, Naples, FL. / Premier Gallery (host) Fredricksburg, VA.
Portfolio Gallery, Portsmouth, UK. / Ginger Gallery, Bristol, UK.
John Sewell Fine Art, Birmingham, UK. / Multiple Impressions, New York,.NY.
1992 Conservatory of Fine Arts, Penang, Malaysia.
1993 JRS Fine Prints, Providence, RI. / The Empress Place, Singapore.
The Bell Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee. / Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong.
1994 Crown Art Centre, Taipei, Taiwan. / Multiple Impressions, New York, NY.
GaleriCitra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. / Howard Salon, Taipei, Taiwan.
Fukuyama Museum of Art, Hiroshima, Japan. "Asian Sculpture" exhibition
163 Mercer Street Gallery , New York, NY / FrameShop Gallery, New Haven CT.
1995 Sapo Gallery, Taiwan. / The Bell Gallery, Memphis & Michigan. Exhibiton of Sculpture
Multiple Impressions, New York,, NY. / Crown Arts Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.
1996 Conservatory of Fine Arts, Penang, Malaysia. / Morningside Gallery, Albany, NY.
JRS Fine Art, Providence, RI. / Jennifer Gallery, Avon, CT. / Malaysian Arts Exhibition, New York, NY.
New World Art Center, New York, NY. Pacific Artists in NY
1997 ArtFolio, Singapore / GaleriCitra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Multiple Impressions, New York City, NY
Galerie Du Monde, Hong Kong / Renjeau Galleries, Boston, MA
1998 Artworks Gallery, Worcester, MA / Gallery 7, Danbury, CT
Sheryl Leonard Gallery, Potomac, MD / Big Pagoda, San Francisco, CA
1999 Multiple Impressions, New York, NY / Midday Gallery, Englewood, NJ
Renjeau Galleries, Natick, MA / TRA Art group, Troy, MI
2000 Artfolio, Singapore / Morningside Gallery, Albany, NY / Multiple Impressions, New York, NY
P & C Art, Fairfax, VA / Gallery 44, Ellicot City, MD
2001 The Air Gallery, London, UK / Midday Gallery, Englewood, NJ / Galerie Du Monde, Hong Kong
2002 Galerie Sono, South Norwalk, CT / Galerie West, West Hampyon Beach, NY
Multiple Impressions, New York, NY
2003 Canna Gallery, Indonesia / Galerie Sono, South Norwalk, CT
2004 Galeri Citra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Galeri DuMonde, Hong Kong, China
Multiple Impressions, New York City, NY
2005 Artfolio , Singapore / Galerie Sono, South Norwalk, CT / Kiaraville, Malaysia
selected publications featuring the artist :

books :
  Eng Tay; Illustrated Graphics. Rosenbaum F.A, 1987.
Eng Tay: The Complete Graphics Tapir Editions, NY 1993
magazine articles featuring the artist's recent work :
  Hsiung Shih Art Magazine. November 1987.
Better Life Monthly. January, 1988.
Visage Magazine. September 1990.
Art Business News. October 1990.
Her World Magazine. October 1990.
The Malaysian Tattler. December 1990.
The Peak. December 1990.
Sunstorm Arts Magazine. March 1990.
Success Magazine January and March 1996
The Peak April 1997
The American Club January 1998
permanent collections :
  Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, Kuala Lumpur
Hong Leong Group, Kuala Lumpur
Hyatt Regency, Singapore
Raffles City, Singapore
Fukuyama Museum of Art, Hiroshima Japan
Alor Setar Art Museum, Kedah, Malaysia.
Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan.
New York University Department of Anthropology, NY.
Development Bank of Singapore, Singapore.
United States Embassy to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
Mallone & Hyde, Memphis, Tennessee.
Frankie Valli Estate, Boca Raton, FL.
Merv Griffin Estate, Bahamas.

comment from BIDADARI :

Eng Tay was born in 1947 in Kedah, West Malaysia. He moved to New York City in 1968 and studied at the Arts Students League, School of Visual Arts and Pratts Graphics Center, between 1969 and 1978. After two years of traveling and painting throughout South America and Indonesia, he settled in New York. He has exhibited extensively throughout Asia and US, and has become well-known for his limited edition etchings, oils and sculpture.
Eng Tay's works has found its greatest expression in the purity and joy of shared human experiences. It is this artist's way of capturing the shared joy in a passing moment that gives his work its universal and lyrical tenor. He brings a universal quality, combined with personal myth into his works, and has evolved a narrative style that is lyrical, nostalgic, mysterious and exotic. He has found a way to reveal the harmony of life through the images of memory. Since his goal is to create simple poetry, his are not pretentious or ornate images, but a poetic language that is freely accessible and readily learned, leaving a lasting impression of people in action and poetry in motion.
Eng Tay's most recent sculptures are largely inspired by his travels - journeys that he made many years ago. He visited ancient places, and experienced the simplicity of daily life, and these absorbed memories now find a voice through this work, in particular in the patinas which have a more earthy feel.
art works :