name : Wayan Darlun
birthday : 1948
birth place : Mas Village, Bali
prize :

exhibition data:
2004 Group exhibition "Leha-leha" at Bidadari Gallery in Mas - Ubud

comment from BIDADARI :

Meeting with Wayan Darlun that was born on 1948 at Mas Village, one of Ida Bagus Tilem's best students, is like meeting with another great teacher. Once you have met Darlun, then you can understand the source of the high esthetic standards of his work.
He works with all his soul, and does not stop until his work looks perfect. "I never set a completion time for my sculptures, and I will never take a definite order. I also never exactly know 100 percent what my sculptures will become, because there could be changes resulting from the condition of the wood while I am working on it. If anyone wants my work, I always tell them to come over if they happen to be passing by this way. If they do stop by, and if I have something ready, and if they like it, then maybe it's mean to be", he simply says.
Darlun is the kind of person who loves to learn. From the time he was young, he often sought out bright people with whom he could study, until finally, he met Ida Bagus Tilem.
"At his studio I learned many things, gaining both knowledge and experience. He was a great teacher because he could quickly identify talent and expertise in a person. He did not hesitate to push us to examine every detail of the piece we were making, often directly demonstrating to us how to create expressions such as happiness and anger. As a result, almost all of his students works are visibly expressive, beautiful, and harmonious", remembers Darlun.
Full of talent and strong desire, Darlun continued to experience significant progress. It didn't take long before he was entrusted to meet important guests who visited Tilem's studio. Not surprisingly, his work caught the eye of important buyers.
When asked how he could produce works that could appeal to so many people, he replied. "Before I begin working, my heart and my thinking must be clear and balanced. This is necessary for my creations to realize their full beauty. My ideas can not be in competition with the material, rather they must support each other in expressing beauty." This is wise advice from Darlun, at the same time characterizing his concern that very seldom are carvers today working "with all their heart".
When asked if he had a favorite piece, he replied thoughfully once more, that all his works are peaks of creative achievement.
art works :
"Men Brayut I" "Dewi Nata I"