name : Noor Ibrahim
birthday : 1966
birth place : Malang
prize :
My sculpture is born out of the ever changing phenomena of nature.
The phenomena permeate my being, accumulate into thick sediment of experiences, and create deep impressions on my aesthetically filled soul. And then beauty emerges, materialize it self into three dimensional forms.
The self is obsessed when it experiences an aesthetical vision, a vision when I stay still, and see with my closed eyes, a vision or picture that appears in meditation. The vision grows into a restlessness that nudges and sparks internal energies to create.
During the process of creation, when the internal and external natural phenomena unite....I lose my head.
Nature is my works source of inspirations. The relationship between humans and nature creates a positive energy, and it is with this intuitive energy I create my art works.
Pasar Legi
Yogya, 15 November 2005

exhibition data:
1982 First Prize in "Animal Painting" in East Java at Surabaya Zoo
1987 Group Exhibition "Sendata" at Surabaya Art Council
1988 "Sculpture Exhibition" at Surabaya Art Council
"Sculpture Exhibition" at Malang Art Council
"Lustrum Architecture Exhibition" at Brawijaya Malang University
"Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Sendata" at PPIA Surabaya
1989 Solo Exhibition at Surabaya Art Council
Group Exhibition "Sendata" at Art Centre Bali
Group Exhibition at DKM Malang
1990 Painting Exhibition "Through Out of Java" at Bank Duta in Surabaya
1991 "Painting and Sculpture Exhibition" at Mitra Balai Pemuda in Surabaya
1992 "Monumen Economic" University Gajah Mada
1993 "Sculpture Appreciation Work Shop" at Gunung Delta book shop in Surabaya
1995 Group Exhibition at DKS Surabaya
1996 Group Exhibition at Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta
Solo Exhibition at Phoenix Heritage hotel in Yogyakarta
1997 Art Festival Yogyakarta
1999 "Trio Exhibition, Katirin, Noor Ibrahim and Klowor Waldiyono" at Melia Purosani Hotel in Yogyakarta
2000 Group Exhibition at Museum H. Widayat, Magelang
2001 "Terumbu Karang" at Museum Nasional Jakarta
2002 Expression an Era" at Bali Padma Kuta
Group Exhibition at Arts Festivals Yogyakarta, in Yogyakarta
"Borobudur-Borobudur" at Museum H. Widayat, Magelang
2003 "Not Just Political" at H. Widayat Museum, Magelang
"Circle Point Open Biennale I Jakarta
"Him" Solo Exhibition Sculpture at CSIS, Jakarta
"Op! Kepala Terpenggal" at Semarang Gallery
"Individual Memory" at Langgeng Gallery, Magelang
2004 "Art Fair" Singapore
"Vacious Teritory" Sculpture Exhibition at Audi Car, Jakarta
2005 "Art for Aceh" at Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta
"Banjir" at Aryaseni Gallery, Singapore
"Go Higher" La Biennale Di Venezia 51st Italy
"Wong Jowo Kari Separo, Chino karo Londho Sak Jodo" Instalation Art in Biennale Yogyakarta
2005 Group exhibition three countries, "Sha A Ya, The Roots of Asia" at Bidadari Art Gallery, Bali

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