name : I Wayan Madra
birthday : 1952
birth place : Mas Village, Bali
prize :

exhibition data:
1985-90 Participant on Bali Art Festival, at Art Center Bali
1997 Participant on Nusa Dua Festival, at Nusa Dua Bali
2004 Group exhibition "Leha-leha" at Bidadari Gallery in Mas - Ubud
2005 2005 Group exhibition "Kayunin Kayun" which cooperated by Bidadari Gallery at Hadi Prana Gallery, Jakarta Group exhibition three countries "Sha A Ya, The Roots of Asia" at Bidadari Art Gallery, Mas-Ubud, Bali

comment from BIDADARI :

I Wayan Madra, born on 1952 in Mas village.
Gazing at his works, is truly like looking at the Madra and his wife Ketut Maji. There is such a strong resemblance, especially in the cheerful smiles. Moreover, without realizing it, while looking at his works, we can't help but join in the smile ourselves, because suddenly there's a joy that comes out and gushes over and infects us.
Madra actually aspired to be a carver when he was very young. "I was very determined, not only did I want become a sculptor but also I wanted to be better than the next person", he says seriously. Thus, from the beginning Madra was able to strongly focus on his work without being burdened by the worry of whether his work would sell or not. "Making sculptures, for the most part, is for my own inner satisfaction. When I am working on a piece, I don't want to think about whether people will like my work, or event whether It will sell or not. I only work and do my best, while thinking about what else I need to do. In addition, this kind of art can't be judge in black and white. What I like isn't necessarily what other people like. Therefore In order for us to exist, we need to always be creative.
Since life doesn't last forever, later on, we will only be remembered by our work, Madra believes. Madra's typical work youth and old age figures, and abstract male-female couple forms. These were done for the first time In 1972 and ever since then his works have been In demand. "This Is my unique work and my pride. I like to make these sculptures because In my opinion whatever I do with the wood, It Is no different that the relationship of husband and wife. These must be understanding, empathy and a cohesive attitude in order to accomplish something good. These sculptures also can become reminders to couples of the Important purpose In their being together. It turns out that what I think, and what I create it appreciated by many people, Including buyers from America and other countries. If I feel satisfaction In my heart, It Is because I have made something useful and not only Is It beautiful, It also has meaning".
The husband-wife sculptures of Madra are unique. Inside the abstract contemporary shape, the compositions and expressions are clearly visible. On a different dimension, his work exudes an amusing and warm quality. Madra demonstrates just how beautiful is the togetherness between the carver and the wood, just as a husband and wife who ultimately spread around their joy to all who look at them.
art works :
"Puzzle" "Dancing"