name : Wayan Mudana
birthday : Apr. 16th. 1953
birth place : Mas Village, Bali
prize :

exhibition data:
2004 Group exhibition "Leha-leha" at Bidadari Gallery in Mas - Ubud

comment from BIDADARI :

I Wayan Mudana was born in Mas Village on April 16th 1953. A desire occasionally so strong he can not resist-that's what drive him. Mudana used to steal firewood when he was small just so that he could make wood carvings.
Growing up in a sculpting and carving community, Mudana has been increasing his skills and love of carving since he was small. "My grandfathers, Made Lembeng and Nyoman Lenyod, as well as my father, Made Pondok, all did sacred carvings for the temples, as genuine gifts from the heart, not for commercial purpose like today". In his studio, he displays several reproductions of his father's and grandfather's works that have been carefully preserved.
"My first work was a carving of Dewi Sri, a small piece using crocodile wood. When my carving sold for 1 ringit, I was surprised and happy. All night I couldn't sleep, thinking about what else I could make", said Mudana who admits most of his works take their inspiration from his culture and his Hindu religion.
As he entered his teens, he made firmed up his commitment to become a sculptor as his life's work. When asked where this strong desire comes from, Mudana tells this story. "The people of Mas village, were predestined to make their life from wood, as decreed by the holy Dhang Hyang Nirarta. Only this can be my life, I can't possibly hope to become a civil servant, or other kind of work. In any case, I make sculptures because I have a strong love and desire to do it, not because I am forced to".
After this decicion, with all his heart, he worked continually making Dewi Saraswti, Dewi Ratih, and Ganesha carvings. Later, his work become known for its long and graceful forms, and its height using wood pieces that are naturally contain holes or are broken. His sculptures have a very natural feeling.
His sculptures have a very natural feeling, and very believable expressions. "As for the forms, it is as if they come from inside the wood piece itself, as if the wood already contains its story. I just give a more realistic shape to what is already there. You can't force inspirations, because the work will not turn out to be the best possible. For my work to be the most beautiful and animated, I always choose an auspicious day to begin. This way I feel totally ready and able to begin my work", he says simply.
Today his works are well-known and are now in several foreign countries. In Germany alone, a collector of his works owns six pieces that are displayed in his private collection as well as one in his office.
Husband of Wayan Susu and father of 3 children, he is determined to continue working while searching our new and innovative ideas such as making sculptures from wood that has stones embedded in it. "I haven't ever worked this form before, but I'm always looking for the most interesting contours", said Mudana who, after leaving Ida Bagus Tilem to be on his own, has created hundreds of wood sculptures.
art works :
"Welcome" "Men Brayut I" "Sri Godess and Goose" "Saraswati Godess"
"Tenun Dancer" "Sri Ganesha"