name : Made Rema
birthday : 1945
birth place : Mas Village, Bali
prize :

exhibition data:
2004 Group exhibition "Leha-leha" at Bidadari Gallery in Mas - Ubud

comment from BIDADARI :

Rema was born on 1945 is one of the "lucky" students because he had the chance to study with both Ida Bagus Njana and Ida Bagus Tilem, the maestros of sculptural art in Mas village, and Bali. Add to that the fact that his family were also carver, it's as if Rema were predestined to always live his life with wood.
"Not only when I am awake and working, but even when I am sleeping, my thoughts never stray from thinking about wood. It's as if my thoughts have merged with the wood. Where ever I go, thoughts of wood blocks of which I haven't yet found the secret form and essence hiding inside them, follow me", says Rema illustration how strong is the relationship between the sculptor and his wood. It is not only a physical relationship, it's also a mind and a heart connection.
This is what makes his works so alive-perfect form, graceful movement, and a truly realistic expressions. When you look at them, it's as if they look back at you. It is really as the wood has been touched with soul and not only hands.
Over forty year studying with Ida Bagus Nyana and Ida Bagus Tilem, Rema has experienced high periods, time of creative struggle and time of growth, as he strived for innovation in his work so he could match the changing taste of the public, who have become quite prosperous. "Before, I made many carvings in a large size that were full of decorative detail. Even though today's carver can still create what is considered beautiful work, these days it seems the carvings are not as interesting as before. Gus Nyana and Gus Tilem, as artist worked freely, were visionaries as they both were able to create work that appeared to many people without having to lower the quality. "Through their thoughts, and also contributions, the people of Gianyar, not only in Mas Village, have discovered their potential, and are now earning more", says Rema, expressing his great admiration for his teachers.
art works :
"Kamasutra" "Men Brayut II" "Men Brayut III" "Roman IV"