name : Ketut Widia
birthday : 1947
birth place : Mas Village, Bali
prize :

exhibition data:
2004 Group exhibition "Leha-leha" at Bidadari Gallery in Mas - Ubud

comment from BIDADARI :

Ketut Widia was born on 1947 in Mas village, Bali. How does he continue to create such beautiful and interesting works ? In addition to being innovative, he is an incredibly disciplined artist a propos time. gLife is work, but work is not life. Even working only eight hours a day, perhaps only one-third of our lives we use time effectively, the rest we use for no purposeh, says Widia.
Widely known among the family of sculptors and carvers, Widia was introduced to carving at the early age of six. His first works were mostly influenced by his nearby surroundings, bird and duck carvings. One day when he was out selling his work, he happened upon Ida BagusTilem, who was bathing in the river. gHe locked at my work, and he offered me to chance to study while working in his art shop. Because I was still in school, I wasnft able to accept his offer until 1963 when I finished junior high school at the age of 16 yearh. There were only three other students in the group with Tilem.
This began a new phase in Widiafs life. He was taught to respect all steps of the creative process, and not to take lightly any one of them. gAt first I was taught how to sand, to cut wood and to use the carving tools correctly. I was not directly told hoe to make a carving. The training was so hard and regimented, and I was so young at the time, that often I would go home after work and cry. But this also made me be able to better resist lifefs difficulties nowh.
Visible tears collected on Widiafs eyelids, as he remembered the valuable service of his teacher who, while often criticizing his work, always remained greatly respected.
Criticism, on the other hand, didnft hinder Widia from a growing desire to continually experiment and advance his skills. Compared to the works of some of the carvers of that time, which were inclined to incorporated much decorative detail, Widia boldly brought forward dream-like elements of reality in his work gHidup dari kehidupan g (live from life), in 1967. Choosing roots as his medium, which at that time were seldom used by carvers, Widia wanted to spread consciousness and understanding about what is important for us to do in this life.
In 1984, Widia began coloring his works, before other artists did so. Today, Widia is known as an artist whose works are abstrack, dream-like and introspective. In his sculptures as his tools of expression, Widia reveals his inner character, no longer only a piece of a story from the past or subjects drawn from his natural surroundings.
art works :
"Waiting Somebody" "Waiting Lovely" "Two Face" "Kidding"