name : Mikako Tomotari
birthday : 1965
birth place : Fukuoka
awards :
Working on a sculpture is to become aware of and learn the mechanism and truth of nature inherent in such materials as clay, wood, stones, and iron, while feeling our physical senses and limitations. Many of my works are life-size and I work alone. I always take a long time to complete a work. I think there is no work that cannot be done by a woman as long as she can take the time needed.
An artwork is the whole process of combining personal encounters, experiences, inner nature, and thoughts without words. It starts with my life and returns to my life. It is not something outside of my everyday life. I have been turning what I felt was necessary at the time into a form. An artwork is not a consequence but a journey to a new awareness shared with others. When an artist stops at a point, it is because she had to do so; she couldn't keep moving ahead without being able to lie to her true self. I think this is true for any artist, and no artist aims at achieving a goal from the start of her journey.

exhibition data:
"Kokuten" (national Exhibition) at Tokyo Musium
"Fukuokaken Bijyutsu Kyoukai Kaiin Ten" (Exhibition of Fukuoka Art Association ) at Fukuoka Musium
1996 "Chokoku no Kajyutsu Ten" ( The Fruits of Sculpture Exhibition) at Fukuoka Musium
1999 "Nibutani Art Project for Ainu"
2000 A physically handicapped person's art activities "Able Art Fukuoka"
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