name : Nyoman Seraja
birthday : 1958
birth place : Mas Village, Bali
prize :

exhibition data:
2004 Group exhibition "Leha lehah" at Bidadari Art Gallery, Mas - Ubud

comment from BIDADARI :

Wayan Suraja, born on 1958 at Mas Village, Bali.
Janger is one of the very popular dances of the Balinese people. The amazingly bright, layered, and complicated costume wrapped tightly around the body along with the sensuously smiling face of the dancer carve a lasting impression in anyone who has ever watched a performance. In a sculpture, even a little discrepancy from the real thing can spoil the most strongly held recollection. Thus one can imagine the anxiety of Suraja. He has to change these ingrained images into realistic, believable forms.
Before he solely occupied himself with janger sculptures - of course he has done many variations on this theme - Suraja tried making several other kinds of carvings.
"I was taught about carving for the first time when I was nine years old, by my father who also had carved janger dancers. But his works were only busts, and waist length sculptures, not full body carvings. Through an older brother I was then introduced to Ida Bagus Tilem when I was 12 years old.
At Tilem's studio, Suraja was directed to making several varieties of sculptures. He diligently made them all, but his teachers weren't satisfied. "He said that this wasn't the best I could do." But then one day around 1979 when I was about 21 years old, I was instructed to do a janger dancer sculpture again. I was so happy with this order, and my teacher was very pleased with my sculpture. After that, I did nothing but janger carvings. And every three sculptures, I would change the model, so that I could have variety and not get bored," says Suraja, remembering those times.
Now, Suraja is well known for his janger sculptures. Whether in an active dancing pose, or posed upon a lotus flower, Suraja manages to successfully convey realistic expressions and action of the janger.
Suraja is always at the center of any activities of the creative sculpture artists of Mas village because his works are so unique. If you visit his house, don't expect to see a single sample of his work because even before he is finished, his works have already caught the eye of many collectors and galleries.
art works :
"Janger Dancer II" "Kebyar Dancer"