From Director of BIDADARI Art Gallery

This Gallery comes out of my feelings of love and concern. Concern that Mas village will no longer be the source of excellent in wood carving love, because I am totally in love with wood and everything that can be done with it.

I have brought together some pieces of the best work of Mas carvers so that many people can enjoy their beauty in one place.

This gallery showcase the work of former students of Ida Bagus Tilem, each of which have became distinguished artists with their own unique styles. In their wood carvings you will surely notice the whimsical quality in Ida Bagus Nyanafs work. These carvers have been able to develop their own individual style on their own each rising to peaks of achievement in their time.

In the recent time Bidadari Art Gallery collecting and selling many of painting style.
Please enjoy these extraordinary works with a light and happy heart.

I Made Sudiana
Director, Bidadari Art Gallery

Historical and Artistical of Mas Village

Mas Vilage, located in Gianyar Region about 25 kilometer east of Denpasar, seems remind one of time long past, while affirming the belief that the village is a living legacy, going down a pathway that was determined long, long ago.

In the 16th century, Dhang Hyang Nirarta told about a wooden stick. When it was stuck into the ground, a miracle happened. The stick became alive and became a living tree with golden flowers. This event signaled the High Priest, meant that we should put down our roots in this place, and call it Mas, meaning gold, and that the people who settled here would create their life from wood. So from this beginning, with conviction, the people of Mas chose wood as the means to carry out this living philosophy of creativity.

It is obvious that this birth of wood carving art has had a large influence on the development of wood carving in Bali. For centuries since this time, Balinese art was created expressly for religious purpose. Then, in the late 1930s, Mas village became the site of The Pita Maha movement, which greatly expanded the artistic boundaries of the Balinese artist.

The most brilliant artist to emerge after Pita Maha movement was Ida Bagus Nyana, who is known for his innovative, imaginative, and wildly whimsical work. His son ans successor, Ida Bagus Tilem, continued the lineage, creating quality art pieces, and through his work and travels made the name of Mas village famous around the world.

Tilem was well known as a brilliant, disciplined teacher bursting with ideas. With enthusiasm and decades of hard work, Tilem became the wellspring that fed the talent of the young people of Mas, enabling many of them to develop heretofore hidden potential.

Just as the great teacher Ida Bagus Nyana and Ida bagus Tilem expanded the boundaries of Balinese wood carving after Pita Maha, the hope of Bidadari Art Gallery is that this current generation of young carvers expand their horizons even further, we dedicated to the new generation.