name : Nishioka Taishin
birthday : 1949
birth place : Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
awards :
2003 The 16th Fukuoka City Urban Scenery Award
A tree would not utter a word even when carved or burned. When I gaze into trees laying in my workshop in the middle of the night, those trees that have lived through many ages begin to tell something, radiating a gentle energy. And when I touch them lightly, it feels they are gently pulsating. It is the power of the heavens and the earth. A woodcutter taking a nap at the trunk of a large tree seems as if he is held in arms. Like a pair of hands, the energy wraps everything.
I have worked with trees for 17 years. (30 years by now) Recently, I became finally able to talk with trees. A tree also needs love from the user. I would like you to touch it time to time and receive its energy. I want to continue making things out of which the individuality of each tree shines, things that can heal our whole body, taking a long time, talking with the tree.
1993 Auntum, Nishioka Taishin

exhibition data:
From high school days, he regularly visits a temple of the Soto sect to practice meditation. He goes on to a Buddhist university but spends most of his time contemplating the meaning of life. He enters priesthood at a temple of the Rinzai sect at the age of 20 and obtains the name "Taishin".
1969 Sets out on a journey in the U.S. and Canada.
1976 1976 Decides to become a craftsman in wood and trains in Saitama, Yamaguchi, and Fukuoka Prefectures.
1983 Sets up "Taishin Workshop" in Kasahara, Kurogimachi, Yame County, which is continued up to the present.
2003 Supplies a complete set of furniture for the interior space of Fukuoka Akarenga Culture Center at the occasion of its establishment under the supervision of Fujiwara Keiyo. Receives the 16th Fukuoka City Urban Scenery Award.

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